Test Page

Test builder

Hi, not too sure what all this is about, and how it differs from the existing page builder tools I’m used to. What happened to the legacy editor? Hopefully if this isn’t as good as the existing tools I can disable it somehow.

Ah, classic editor. There IS drag and drop among elements already on the page.

But you can’t use it to create columns.

I don’t like the preview animation one bit.

We’ll see….

  • A list?
  • Hmm..
Well I guess they have tables That’s something new
Maybe we’ll give it a shot Maybe…..


Columns IN columns

That’s unexpected too. Interesting.

I wonder how this editor works with touch screen devices. Seems like it would work which is another pro against the existing toolset.

I kinda like this

Though is is a little confusing

No drag & drop though. Damn.

A shortcode widget? Wow!